Licensing Options


1 website is included with every Desktop + Web license. Web traffic is unlimited.

Initial Web Traffic is the maximum amount of unique visitors at the moment you upload the webfonts. After that, traffic is unlimited.
Additional websites are available at a reduced price in your account.


Beausite Complete Family

56 styles Add


Beausite Classic Family

20 styles Add
Classic Ultralight Add
Classic Ultralight Ita Add
Classic Thin Add
Classic Thin Ita Add
Classic Light Add
Classic Light Ita Add
Classic Clear Add
Classic Clear Ita Add
Classic Regular Add
Classic Regular Ita Add
Classic Medium Add
Classic Medium Ita Add
Classic Semibold Add
Classic Semibold Ita Add
Classic Bold Add
Classic Bold Ita Add
Classic Black Add
Classic Black Ita Add
Classic Ultrablack Add
Classic Ultrablack Ita Add

Beausite Fit Family

12 styles Add
Fit Thin Add
Fit Thin Ita Add
Fit Light Add
Fit Light Ita Add
Fit Regular Add
Fit Regular Ita Add
Fit Medium Add
Fit Medium Ita Add
Fit Bold Add
Fit Bold Ita Add
Fit Black Add
Fit Black Ita Add

Beausite Slick Family

12 styles Add
Slick Thin Add
Slick Thin Ita Add
Slick Light Add
Slick Light Ita Add
Slick Regular Add
Slick Regular Ita Add
Slick Medium Add
Slick Medium Ita Add
Slick Bold Add
Slick Bold Ita Add
Slick Black Add
Slick Black Ita Add

Beausite Grand Family

12 styles Add
Grand Thin Add
Grand Thin Ita Add
Grand Light Add
Grand Light Ita Add
Grand Regular Add
Grand Regular Ita Add
Grand Medium Add
Grand Medium Ita Add
Grand Bold Add
Grand Bold Ita Add
Grand Black Add
Grand Black Ita Add