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ANTARCTICA Polar Sunsets
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MODEKLASSE Extravagance
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KOTTBUSSER Ghost Station
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METROPOLE Five Boroughs
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ABSOLUTION Federal Cities
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PHOTOGENE Capital Towns
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PHILOSOPHY Ideal Emotion
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SEMIFORMAL Contributions
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REMARKING Supermodels
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HYPOTHESIS Preciousness
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SUBCULTURE Questionable
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Let us take it that men have reached the point at which the obstacles to their survival in the state of nature overpower each
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Individual’s resources for maintaining himself in that state. So this primitive condition can’t go on; the human race will perish
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Unless it changes its manner of existence. The plant keeps its artificial shape, but the sap has not changed its course, and any
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New growth the plant may make will be vertical. It is the same with a man disposition while the conditions remain the same

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